The School of Wake presented by Sal Masekela

TSO Wake takes video instruction from the world's best riders and puts it directly where you want it: in the palm of your hand.

And it's now available for free! You get over 30 tricks with full written instuction and videos by Corey Bradley.

Want voice instruction and even more camera angles? No problem -- just upgrade to our Premier Videos set for only $4.99.

Want it cheaper? Done! Upgrade before August 31 and it's only $1.99.

Check out the Features page for more details on what the app includes and how to use it.

Whether you're learning to get up on a wakeboard or ready to nail a Tootsie Roll, TSO Wake is here for you. We've also got sets on wakeskating and wakesurfing... and lots more to come. Everything from some basics and grabs with Cobra to a new Pro Set from Steel.

And check out our new Messages icon in the app. We'll be sending exclusive videos, offers, and more, just to our app users.

TSO Wake is currently available on iPhone and iPod touch. And coming soon for Android and iPad.

In the words of the legendary Sal Masekela, "We're helping the world progress, one trick at a time."

The world's best Ride TSO... shouldn't you?